On Violence (November 2011)

Dying to Belong: Violence and Nostalgia in Paradise and The Plot Against America
Heidi Stoffer

Judge Holden and the Violence of Erasure: Blood Meridian’s Historical Skepticism 
Shawn Mark Jasinski

A Remarkable Violence: The Mechanical and Textual Apparatus of Kafka’s “In The Penal Colony”
Matthew J. Snyder

Contextualizing Violence: A Hermeneutical Perspective
Prakash Kona

A Very Necessary Violence: Reading Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange
Grant Hamilton

Yeats, Stoker, and “English” Modernity: Reading Dracula as a Response to the Irish Revival and the Threat of “Irrational” Violence
Paul Saunders

Our Primeval Penchant for Violence: The Modern Stage Success of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus
Lisa K. Miller